Do you wish to develop your self-confidence and your potential for your full self realization? Do you wish to be coached in achieving personal or professional goals? Are you at a key stage of your life and you need help in selecting the best options for your future?

As a coach, I am convinced we all have the potential that enables us to succeed.We have all the required resources for our personal and professional fulfillment. That's the way I guide my client in a coaching process, giving that little patch on the back to make it happen.


What happens during a coaching session?

Before starting a coaching process, I offer a free preliminary interview. During this first contact, I listen to my clients' needs, answer any question they might have and try to establish a trust relationship. If the interview goes well, it concludes on a mutual agreement to work together. Then we start the coaching sessions. They consist in four key phases:

  • Identification and clarification of the goals and expectations
  • Exploration of reality: How is the current situation? What are the obstacles? What are the resources...?
  • Choice of possible options to achieve the goals
  • Implementation of the action plans

All interviews are private and confidential.

The sessions last approximately 1h and 1h30, one session a week or every 15 days, during 3 to 6 months.

I work face to face in Seville, or coach on internet or phone connexion depending on the geographical and time constraints.

My specialities:

  • Job-search assistance and career change
  • Development of self esteem
  • Coaching during an expatriation assignment (for the expatriate and/or his partner)
  • Coaching for singles

When to start a coaching process?

Some examples:

  • You consider a change of career and need to be accompanied in preparing your new professional project in line with your skills, values and motivations
  • You are unemployed and wish to optimize and boost your job search
  • You wish to develop your self confidence for a better interaction with your environment
  • You want to improve your assertiveness to seize professional opportunities
  • You or your partner are expatriate and face difficulties while feeling isolation or uprooting; You followed your partner abroad and look forward to define a new professional or life project; You want to ease your transition back home
  • You are single and want to find in yourself the way to meet the right person


4500 Face-to-face
4000 Phone or online coaching