Julie Roy-Camille: Coaching and Well-being
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Graduated in psychology in France (Ecole des psychologues praticiens – Psychology university, Paris), I worked 8 years in the field of human resources (recruitment, campus management, internal communication, etc.). Despite this rich professional experience, I started thinking of changing career. I wanted to focus more on psychology fields and my therapeutic role.

In 2011, I decided to follow my partner in Seville, Spain. And a new adventure began! I first faced difficulties associated with the expatriation: poor level of Spanish, lack of professional project definition, feeling of isolation... At this particular time of my life, I felt the urge of an external help to identify my professional goals and achieve them. I therefore contacted a life coach. After a few sessions, the desire to practice as coach became obvious to me. I then followed proper training to become a certified coach.

My vision of coaching is focused on a watchful guiding and accompanying of my clients. We work together on a specific issue, which impacts their present. We then define action plans that will help them to overcome their problems and achieve their personal goals. The client keep an active role all along his coaching process. My job as a coach is to listen, guide, motivate, question, encourage. Changes can be noticed just after a few sessions. Although we are focused on a specific goal, I take into consideration all the different aspect of my client's life and their possible impact. My coaching is complete, concrete, dynamic and effective over a short period.

In parallel, I have always been interested in body care, energetic and natural therapies. I was lucky enough to travel to Southeast Asia and discover the virtues of eastern techniques such as meditation, yoga, massage... I have therefore seized the opportunity to train me in Thai massage. Since then, I have given an increasing importance to the concept of well-being and I continued to develop myself in that field in Europe: relaxation, visualization, reiki, massage using essential oils, EFT (emotional freedom technique), kinesiology ... techniques focussing on balance, deep relaxation and harmony.

These experiences have strengthened my belief in the close connection between body and mind. I work today as a coach and a well-being consultant. As a therapist, it is essential for me to take into account the different aspects of my client: mental, emotional, physical, energetic. This is the approach I'm proud to offer for a holistic personal development.


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