January 27, 2015

I went through a coaching process with Julie over several months. I gained a lot in self-confidence, rigor and accuracy thanks to her. She helped me to define, prioritize and achieve my goals, in a very flexible way.

We worked together on professional as well as personal problems, focusing on details - that sometimes can slow us down – and questioning much more profound dilemmas. Her coaching allows to put black on white actions to implement and to make one’s own project true.


January 27, 2015

Julie Roy-Camille is my coach since early 2013. I'm consulting her on a regular basis on personal and professional matters. I particularly appreciate her ability to listen, her caring and motivating presence, as well as her type of coaching using the GROW method, visualizations and NLP (neuro-linguistic programing), beyond further corporal and energetic techniques like reiki, massage, EFT (emotional freedom technique).

To me, she is a model of a professional in full bloom, who knew how to adapt her practice to her beliefs and very strong personal abilities.


January 27, 2015

I was recently lead to think about a new professional development. I was lucky enough to know Julie! She did a tremendous job coaching and helping me to clarify before preparing me for such a change through listing to me, guiding the conversation, recommending practical tools, suggesting how to mulling it over, and setting me straight when needed!

…I particularly appreciated her interpersonal skills: natural and coherent. MERCI Julie!